About Us

The team at MCAV are continually developing and perfecting the connected autonomous vehicle system. We love to share some of our background, stories and the talented team behind this exciting project.


Our Goal for 2020

V2V and V2I Connectivity with Subaru and Streetdrone

The two vehicles will approach an intersection at low speeds and will have to negotiate to avoid the collision. There may also be a dynamic obstacle obstructing the intersection which could be detected by a Road Side Unit (RSU) and communicated to the vehicles.

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Team Sections

We have various students working on different parts of the project at MCAV, and we value their hard work and significant contributions to transform the automotive industry.

Click on each section to learn more about what they do.

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Hardware Section

Our Hardware Team is responsible for vehicle management, actuation, power, computation, and perception hardware. In 2020 and beyond the Hardware team is focusing on a number of projects, from improving the Subaru to experimental robotics.

Software Section

Our Software Team is responsible for developing the decision making capabilities of the vehicle, including perception, localisation, path planning and control. In 2020 and beyond, we are focusing on development and testing for highly dynamic and variable environments.

Interaction Section

Our Interactions Team is responsible for vehicle simulation, including city scale models but also local vehicle dynamic models. Additionally our team has a focus on traffic networks and flows, and how they are affected considering the introduction of autonomous cars.

Connectivity Section

Our Connectivity Team is responsible for implementing connectivity hardware and software into the vehicles. In 2020 and beyond, the connectivity team will be focusing on customising existing applications and testing how data can be used in V2V connectivity.


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